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Kuva lich bugs: ignoring invulnerability + parazon kill bugs


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About this post I'll write about 2 different bugs here, because I didn't want to "spam" the forum

Bug 1) Kuva lich ignores warframe's invulnerability when he does the "grab attack". (When he grabs the player in melee range, brakes his/her neck then thorws him/her on the ground.)

It happened while i was playing Valkyr. The lich completely ignored her Hysteria with the grab attack, during the animation Valkyr's HP dropped to 1 (while the healthbar was grey). Then when the lich smashed me to the ground i instantly died.
Similar happens with Revenant, while 2nd ability is active. I assume non of the similar abilities work.

Bug 2) Kuva lich execution/parazon mod bug:

Sometimes the Lich disappears without showing if the mod you were using against him/her was the right one or not. (picture below)


It can also happen that for some reason you can attack the lich a 2nd time even though the first parazon mod was wrong. And it will reveal if my 2nd mod was right or wrong also. I don't have a picture of that.

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i wasn't ready yet, i posted accidentaly
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