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Feature Request: Navigation - Planet View - [alt]Mission Type


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In the Navigation UI when in Planet view (viewing locations on a single planet) would you please add the following feature:

Pressing alt displays mission type below each location name.

If there isn't room that could be addressed by zooming in enough to make sufficient real estate to display 3 lines for each location as follows:

Line 1:  Location Name

Line 2: [special mission designator or] Mission type

Line 3: [Mission Type] (when not displayed in line 2)

This could also be a way to introduce icons for mission type allowing you to place a small icon by each location name.

I believe at this time players are forced to mouse-over every location name to view mission types and see this as a frustration and waste of time for players which is why I am making this suggestion.

If I am missing something that already provides this please let me know.  I'm fairly new.


Edit:   and if you actually implement my request, one additional suggestion:

While holding the alt-key you could make Lines 2 and 3 "clickable" allowing players to skip a step and move immediately to the target mission (or target mission select screen as in the case of void fissures or invasions).

Also please note this may become 4 lines in some circumstances--e.g.:

1. Location

2. Quest

3. Lith Fissure

4. default Mission Type

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I'd honestly like such a feature. Having to hover over the node just to know what type of mission is there is quite cumbersome. Sometimes you spend minutes searching for a particular mission in a particular planet just to find out that planet doesn't even have that mission type available. At the very least the basic mission type (I.e. Survival/Capture/Defense/Etc), not including special conditions (Sortie/Alert/Lich/Etc.) would already be deeply appreciated by me.

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You know what's good about being new and getting to know the game? Your perspective. Most long time players probably have lost sight of all those bad designs, the massive amount of clicks needed or the menu within a menu within a menu with a dropdown into a menu. Meaning they have lost sight of all these unnecessary complicated things.

Here's a good example what could be done and I honestly like his proposal better than yours but still. It's a bit from Brozimes UI rant. So worth watching. Imagine.... IMAGINE:



other highlight from the same video:


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