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HESCAN: Warframe Fan Concept


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This concept is simple, a berserker, unlike valkyr this is more focused on mobility and the damage therefore most of his abilities are based on buffs that honor that theme when it is being used.

Armor 90

Shield 100

Health 320

Energy 175

Sprint Speed 1.22

Aura Madurai

Base Polarities: 1 Madurai, 1 Naramon

Note: Skill stats are displayed in their maximum range

Passive: Furtive hunter

Accumulate murders to increase movement speed.

  • +1% movement speed per kill [Max 12%]

The bonus will decay after 8s for 10s


1) Fierce Stabbing

Hescan rushes quickly towards a target and stabs him fiercely. If the enemy dies using the ability, Hescan will gain movement speed and invisibility for a short period of time.

  • Cost 25 energy
  • Finisher Damage multiplier 2x [Ability Strength]
  • Increase in movement speed + 20% [Ability Strength]
  • movement speed/Invisibility Duration 8s [Ability Duration]
  • Range 20m [Ability Range]


2) Metamorphic Damage

Adapt a part of the damage of the weapons to the weakness of the enemy during a certain time.

  • Cost 75 energy
  • Damage 90% [Ability Strength, Exceeds 100% to increase damage from weakness]
  • Duration 20s [Ability Duration]


3) Carnage

The nearby bodies of their victims are consumed to cure Hescan and the allies. Bodies in turn explode into sharp pieces that damage enemy armor.

  • Cost 30 energy
  • Health per enemy +10% [Ability Strength]
  • Radio 40m [Ability Range]
  • Duration 18s [Ability Duration]
  • Explosion Damage 870 (Slash, Penetration) [Ability Strength]
  • Explosion Radius 10m [Ability Range]
  • Armor Decrease 40% [Ability Strength]


4) Killer's Tenacity

Hescan releases his murderous anger, receives immunity against harm. The damage avoided becomes damage bonus, reload speed and firing speed. The movement speed bonus is increased.

  • Cost 50 energy
  • Energy per second 10 [Ability Duration, Ability  efficiency]
  • Max Damage Bonus +210% [Ability Strength]
  • movement speed per kill +10% [Ability Strength]
  • Max Fire Rate/Reload speed/Max movement speed Bonus +65% [Ability Strength]


Thank you for reading!

Another Concept: Eliphas

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Justo ahora, weeaboopotato dijo:

3 and 4 dont exactly make sense however the 1 and 2 even if it looks very simple is honestly fantastic. This has potential but could still use some work.

I certainly feel that the 4 makes the 3 a bit useless by making the enemies ignore the player, basically it is becoming invisible to the enemy so it does not take so much damage. I will try to review them and change them to something more striking and according to their theme to make it more interesting if possible. Thank you

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