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Reassessing the possibilities of an [Umbral Redirection] Mod


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So with the Shield Gating and Shield recharge rework, this opens up a lot of new possibilities for endgame survivable frames.

Since Sacrifice, I've been looking at which warframes could be made endgame-survivable using the all umbral mods and going for balanced stats having 166% strength from just the umbral mods.

For frames that already have a decent amount of armor, 3 umbrals with a couple of umbral forma can really turn you into tank.

Its not as great for the various frames that have 65 armor, and for those I believe that introducing an Umbral Redirection would allow for a similar tankiness while utilizing the nice 66% bonus of Umbral Intensify, and avoid having that 192% Armor bonus wasted on a 65 base armor warframe.

I believe that a full Umbral Intensify, Vitality, and Redirection with Rolling Guard mixxed in, with both the health and shield pools over 1000, with these Shield Gating and recharge changes, this would open up every frame to enjoy a balanced endgame build that can enjoy lots of survivability.

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34 minutes ago, Baterial said:

i don't see there much change in terms of tankiness. You do not get *@##$ slapped and die from just a touch but you will survive for maybe 2 more seconds if let's say 200 lvl enemy hist you

Well, level 200 isn't really endgame, level 200 is basically two-hour endless. There has to be a point beyond which DE can't be arsed to attempt to balance.

We have to separate "Endgame" from pushing endless missions to breaking points.

Imagine a Mag with 1605/1070, and with the new shield 25% damage reduction, thats an effective shielding of 2006 shields.

With the new Shield Gating, even if something breaks through all of it, you still get the 1 second of invulnerability until you can begin to take health damage, and it also gives you that chance to utilize Rolling Guard before you can get flattened, during which you can Polarize back to full, CC, operator, etc.

You may not think extra shields to be useful, but these new changes are actually going to be really nice, and shield frames are going to be much more survivable. Its just, the fully-umbral builds don't make any sense for them.

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I'd gladly sacrifice Umbral Intensify for an Umbral Redirection mod. Redirection is already a rank 10 mod. The only way to upgrade it is with an Umbral version. There can theoretically exist a Primed version of Intensify in the far future.

Also, I'm an Umbra main. Umbra has balanced amounts of Health, Armor, and Shields. If Shields get enough improvements in future updates, hopefully some synergies with Health and Armor, then Umbral Redirection will be a fine addition to my build.

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