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Soooo D.E. railjack bugs still rampant...PC got fixes for these yet?


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So apparently when i once again try to get setup for doing some solo farming in gian point (praise good railjack builds), i end up running into the same bugs again:

  1. If i were to simply ENTER the pilot seat or press descend button if the first doesnt happen, my railjack decides it suddenly wants to go perpetually downward. Kind of the same bug that occurs with the open world archwing deciding to go perpetually up, where it could be fixed if i press the opposite button till i press the linked button again or its just perma stuck so i cant use open world archwings or be the pilot for railjack, with it only being a chance that it might fix itself if i were to just reset the game. similar to the same bug where i can open up the chat menu (normally locked to L2 so completely unrelated to the previous bug) and then soon as i close out the chat menu and pause menu my character decides it wants to walk perptually in a certain direction like left or right. Before you ask in both cases if its my controller or configurations, no its not, i literally bought a new controller for the latter bug and the former i tried to resolve by changing my button inputs from L1 to Triangle for the dodging/descend/etc. button...
  2. TOO BAD, that apparently some recent bug must of came into existence on the last update because the dash/descend/etc. button in both the L1 pressing and triangle pressing cases do not work if the OPERATOR is in the pilot seat.

I should probably be pointing these out in a bug report or something, but i cant exactly post in that section and this feels more like a feedback thing since the first issue has been around since the start of railack and even open world archwings for me, way before the recent archwing movement revamp and the latter we had last year where universal blinking was broken on archwings for a while after the changes and now it seems like it came to railjack now.

Anyway, if anyone happens to know how to permanently fixing these issues, that would be nice, because having the issues occur is making it rather frustrating to go and farm dirac to prepare for the scarlet spear event before it hits console and we get to see how difficult the farming of the event is going to be, once pc gets it next week. Which is not even accounting for all the other arcanes that likely wont be in the event, but should all get boosted from rank 3 to 5 which might make some things even more op, such as virtuoso strike getting these rank ups gonna indirectly buff operator damage. I mean unless D.E. decides only WARFRAME arcanes get the rank 5 upgrade treatment.


Oh and a small extra one: For some reason when my operator gets in the pilot seat of railjack, thar face suddenly wants to turn blue till i head back to the drydock. I know P.C. is the testing grounds to clip these bugs, but kind of silly when console gets some of these really weird bug instances still...

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