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Has Anyone Seen Braton Prime Receiver In Last 3 Days?


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Hello guys

I try to farm the parts for the Braton prime.The crazy thing is i did like 40 times Void T3 Defense missions.Most times i get Braton Prime Barrel or Forma Bp.

How longer i farm ,so more i think the Receiver is bugged.

Help me out.Have anyone seen one in the last 3 days?1 week?

I hate Tier 3 Defense now.That was to much grind.


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I spent about a week trying to hunt for a Reciever on T3 Defenses.

I was doing my best, killing tons and just being wild, hoping the mission would end faster.

I never got it.





Then I got tired and just joined T3 Defense and just walk around pick up stuff, eventually shoot. But mostly just watch and regenerate the cryo shields when needed. Basically became to lazy member. Guess what, the receiver decided to show itself.

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