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Camera becoming not locked to Warframe as Ash


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Hi all,

This is my first time reporting a bug, so let me know if I am doing it correctly.  I have notice that when you play as Ash and use his 4th ability, then the third to teleport into the animation, you can get the camera locked in a certain spot. It won't follow your Warframe and can't be fixed by pressing escape or anything.  I think this happens when i press the teleport button twice during the animation and it throws it off.  Just thought i would mention.

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happened to me too some days ago on orb vallis, i think an ally killed the enemy i was teleporting to while using the 4th ability after all of my animations went through i was suddenly looking at camera unattached from my warframe. 

i specifically think its this setup, because when i used ash just this morning there was no issue while i was doing a solo mission, nor was there an error doing my sortie survival while i was still using the same abilities that triggered that camera error.

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