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Seemingly invulnerable Kuva Liches


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I have in recent days encountered invulnerable kuva liches very frequently. And by very frequently I mean about every single time. They take 0 damage no matter what I do.

The invulnerability seems to occur after downing it. It becomes invulnerable and stays invulnerable.
The only thing I can do is to wait and hope that the bug fixes itself, it often do. But it usually take several minutes.

From what I can tell it does not seem to matter what weapon or warframe I use either.

I did not have this problem earlier, must have been a recent patch or something.

It is just a UI problem.

The Kuva Lich skill "Carapace" makes it so it all damage they receive is displayed as 0 damage.
While in fact you actually do damage to the carapace shield, and will eventually break it.

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Thanks for the replies.

8 hours ago, LongDongHongKong said:

Are you sure it's not a lich with "iron skin" ability?

My recent liches did have Carapace indeed. And my prevoius liches did not.

I tested to keep keep hitting it even though the numbers said 0 damage. And that sped things up, by alot.
Must have been my problem.
Seems like it is only diplaying the damage I deal to the health and not the Carapace. That would imply that this is a UI problem instead.

8 hours ago, SpicyDinosaur said:

are you using your mercy kill on them when they are downed or just swinging away at them?

I am doing the mercy kill on them. And it seems like they have a habit of activating Carapace directly after getting up again.

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