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Flox syandana change


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I have a Flox, and I'm going to ask for a return of the plat. I did not spend 100p on a backpack.

Note: and all the threads that are being published about this, DE systematically ignores them.

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It's... interesting that DE brought in a syandana that only works when you're actually in-mission.

The reason I find it interesting is because I genuinely like the idea of a syandana that you can't stand around in a Relay with. I kind of class that with the syandana that literally has no emissive aspects unless you go and play the PvP mode and complete the weekly challenges.

So yeah... Also interesting that one cosmetic out of all of them is designed to look best when you're actually playing the game and people decide they're going to ask for a refund because it does exactly what it says on the tin.

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I wouldn't have as much as an issue with this Syandana if there were MANY Syandanas that each had their own 'on condition effect', but there aren't.

If there were many to choose from with similar mechanics it would make sense to have a Syandana with an effect like the Flox. But since there is nothing to alleviate the issue Flox stands out like a sore thumb. As other people have said, I did not spend platinum on something that makes my priceless unstoppable gravity defying killing machine look like Dora the Explorer.

I'm surprised the issue has gone on this long. This is such an easy fix and would satisfy so many people (and get more people to buy the Syandana that didn't because they heard of the problems with it) I only hope that DE notices and actually does something.

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3 hours ago, BananaBlack said:

MANY Syandanas that each had their own 'on condition effect', but there aren't.

Every single Syndicate syandana, the PvP syandana I mentioned earlier, at least five different Tennogen ones based off the one that shipped with the Feyarch skin.

There’s at least fifteen ‘conditional’ syandanas  and they all trigger differently.

In fact there is no reason not to have one single syandana among the list that has this kind of trigger and only appears in game rather than in in a Relay. Because there are, in fact, many.

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