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Further QoL changes - a small list


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- Trading arcanes/pax/exodias should not unequip the ones I have on my operator/kitgun/zaw etc. I have Pax Charge on a kitgun. If I trade another Pax Charge with a player, the Pax Charge on my kitgun is removed. Can it not sell the 'spare' instead so I don't have to requip everything (on every config)?

- Fast travelling to Little Duck within Fortuna should work the same way as when you travel to her from your orbiter - ie. you don't immediately start dialogue with her. If you fast travel to her in Fortuna (unless you're in operator) she'll just tell you to sod off. It's only a couple of seconds of annoyance but it is an annoyance.

- I'd prefer it if the thrall alert sound was tied to sound effects rather than the music volume, but I'm sure others disagree.

- Is shield gating also going to apply to companions? Pls say yes.

- There was talk recently of unifying UI design. Is this going to extend to Warframe powers too? To use an example of two similar abilities, Nezha's Warding Halo has its remaining health displayed in a big circle in the bottom right, whereas Rhino has Iron Skin health displayed in small text at the top. I don't see any good reason for these to be displayed differently.

- Aaaand perhaps this is a big ask, but in Overwatch you can set keybindings for each individual hero. I would QUITE LIKE this in Warframe. Maybe one day.

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