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[Suggestion]Ai - Making Ranged Enemies(Esp. Grineer) Loose Aim


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Back in the day(10 years ago) coding imperfect AI aim was pretty CPU intensive if the engine didn't support it on a basic level. You almost always had instant turning enemies always facing you, no matter in what direction you moved or how fast you were. I wonder if Warframe has the ability to implement something that allows players to decrease the chances of being hit by moving in an "unpredictable" fashion for the AI. I would like to be able to jump and run around enemies and making them loose sight reliably. Engine wise, Warframe shows that its at least possible as enemies right now have turning speeds greater than 0, as they're turning a lot slower if frozen.


Right now, making fancy jumps, zig zag moves or wallruns doesn't benefit combat in any way, well, except for giving you a little bonus damage if you manage a hard to land wallrun attack. I feel that my movement skills matter a lot more when fighting corpus and Infested, because you can outmaneuver their attacks by staying mobile. I think the game would benefit greatly from giving movement meaning beyond less time being spent getting from A to B. That's why I would like to suggest two separate but closely related aiming ideas:


1a. Have ranged enemies aim at the position you were at a fraction of a second ago, trailing you instead of shooting right at your current position. Modify this aim-delay based firstly on enemy type, then their level and difficulty level. Low level Grineer Lancers on difficulty 1 would have a higher trail distance than high level Corpus Techs on Difficulty 3. Base the trailing distance for enemies on distance traveled per time interval to allow player movement speed to increase enemy aim inaccuracy.

1b. Have a secondary function correct enemy aim the longer an individual enemy is targeting you, reducing the amount of trailing over time to 0*.


*0 trail equals perfect aim, meaning that the enemy unit is aware of the weapon he's using and is leading the player depending on his current speed and direction.


2a. Give every enemy type a maximum turning speed based on type(heavy/regular/light) and game difficulty(higher=faster). Decrease enemy turning speed overall to allow for (2b).

2b. Have the enemy loose track of the player for a short amount of time when he leaves their viewcone too quickly for them to follow**, resetting their aim correction(1b).


** Use a modified version(shorter, minimal pause between look abouts) of the same AI behaviour that is executed if enemies look for a cloaked player at his last known position.



These changes would in my opinion create a new level of depth in the game, enable players to use new tactics to defeat their foes, give movement an inherent benefit(which is befitting for a ninja game), incentivize build diversity to a certain degree and allow for a more customized difficulty adjustment, especially on lower levels.


Possible drawbacks would be possibly having to take away development time from statistical(gear grind) player progression having increased CPU loads on clients.

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ahhh....one can only dream of non-omniscient enemies that don't each performe the exact same way in every single situation.



Before someone comes in here and starts talking about how complex "AI" is and how hosts cant handle it etc....these sorts of routines are NOT AI and could easily be implemented.

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I've actually noticed that if you circle-sprint around any Grineer with a hitscan weapon, even heavy gunners, they can't seem to be able to hit you, so I'm a bit curious if there already is some sort of trailing that's only noticeable when sprinting (granted you have to be sprinting fairly horizontally to them for it to work). Even so, officially declaring/implementing this wouldn't hurt.

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I think hitscan should be removed from any weapon that's not a sniper or flux type weapon. You can't have enemies lead their shots when their guns allow them to hit just by aiming at u regardless of speed. Projectiles should still have high velocity but it should be felt at longer ranges

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