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Garuda "quickthinker" build not incentivized ... make it so :D


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with the advent of shield-gating, this is even less incentivized, as we would have a way to negate all damage to health.

Using quickthinking on Garuda ( but is true in general) isn't realistically possible, because of the stagger usually signal of a quick and un-avoidable death incoming.

so ...


Add a moment of invincibility to quickthinng!


I was and am against shield-gating, it trivializes the combat experience to me, knowing i have a shiled to rely on at all times ... BUT, if were it to be  a MOD, that i can swap in and out ... i'm ok with it 😄


So, in short, i'm asking to change quickthinking in this wasy:

Quickthinking = Drains Energy to stop Lethal damage with 240 efficiency. Grants 2 Seconds of Immunity when Energy is Depleted.


This is an even better shield gating, and we can opt in and out.



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i also take the opportunity to remind of a change i wanted for garuda but she only received a buff.


Her frontal shield is not great, for instance, when hacking a terminal,VOLT can drop his and hack in safety, while garuda is exposed 😞


Turn it into a Blood Shield Damage Reduction, i'd change it more like i said in this Archived post, but even just making it a 360 degrees shield would help with incentivizing Garuda players to be among enemies in the frontlines, slashing left and right.



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10 hours ago, Furosha said:

I've thought of a Dread Mirror augment that makes it get replaced with a blood aura (covers her body) that reduces damage done by 90%(max) but scales off a percentage of her Blood Heart amount.

That can work as well, she is able to function even with only 7 slots ... just, thing is she already has an augment for her 1st and it's textbook definition of good game design imo


incentivizing full usage of her 1st with the quirk of killing an enemy if below 40 percent health and rewarding in a way that solve AT THE SAME TIME her survivability problem ❤️


especially as trying to tank with her 3 feels really depressing, as i'm not powering up like other frames, i'm fixing just a problem 😞

her 3 feels good and engaing only when using her 2 tbh, thing that unfortunately takes away all that risk/reward factor from her 2 xD


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