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DE-polarisation segment for landing craft


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hello viewer.

I am a man and just realised why i'm not upgrading my weapons, characters and companions with forma, reactors or catalysts; prime variants.

I've made 4 or maybe 5 accounts on different platforms and enjoyed ranking up and i notice a pattern of how i do not want to WASTE forma, reactors or catalysts on the weapons, warframes or companions I have , not one bit.

I do have a mr23 account heading for mr30 once that is possible to reach however at the moment i am playing a mr5 and I just picked up oberon this morning and I was thinking this thing is pretty weak with only a couple of mods and not much fun so perhaps i should add a reactor but then i thought whats the point when oberon prime exists which i'm probably going to get eventually so I'm like damn i cant possibly use this precious thing on this weaker version... big problems in big town.

Do you, reader, think we should be able to disamantle catalysts and reactors and maybe forma on stuff back into the blueprint and get the resources back for say 200k credits? 

Do you think it would be harmful to the game for this to be added or not?


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Well, I think players should weigh the cost-benefit of spending such items, and also remember that reactors can be purchased as well, earning DE money that funds the game. Further, these items are also occasionally given out in Gift of the Lotus quests, can be earned from Nightwave, and the blue prints can be rewarded from Sorties for the catalysts, and from relics for the forma. And now, the Umbral Forma can also be rewarded from the Anomaly.

So, nah, I'm fine with how these items work already.

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