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Failed to connect to server "bug"


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So we did some digging around and I found out I'm being plagued with this glitch. It only happens with warframe, I would sign in and start playing then randomly get an error message "failed to connect to server you'll be logged out" Keep in mind I play a lot of other online games and experience no lag at all, maybe a little on a rainy day.

But this is the weird part, I'd be still fully connected to my wifi and still be in the xbox party chat with no lag, xbox party and the game play would be perfectly fine before hand, no lag.

Now I did try;

deleting my saved data files//uninstalling & reinstalling//hard resetting my xbox//hard restarting my modem//checked my nat type (open)

I have put up with this buggy kick system for a year and a half and now it's getting on my nerves. Has there been a fix yet?


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