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Intrinsics question



Another question for my mom. She’s trying to farm Intrinsics. She just learned the method she was told to use was patched and now she’s wondering if there’s another way to get them faster? I know nothing about any of this. I haven’t played in forever, so any help would be welcomed~

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Use the same setup of ivara stealth kill, requires higher stealth damage as the enemies you are going to kill would be boarders from ramsleds which has much higher HP. You also need to equip all the defensive avonics for the railjack. Cloak, breach hold, and fire extinguish are recommended for tactical avonics.

For mission, look for an objective that is "disable wind turbine", it could be done on any proxima depending on your railjack capability, the exp difference is relatively low.

After you found the objective i mentioned, kill fighters to meet the required number so they stop spawning. Let the crewship survive so they keep calling out ramsleds.  If you could handle more than one ramsled at a time, you could fly your railjack close to the objective, the base would spawn 2 ramsleds periodically. You might end up with 4 ramsleds hitting your ship at once.

There are maximum amount of ramsleds spawn per crewship/base, finish the mission when no more ramsled appears.

In my experience, this method earns intrinsics/min about the same as the old method.  Not to mention you could grab mission reward now.


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