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Don't you have a mod that increases pickup range? I've never seen a wisp since I instantly pick them up, shouldn't we be talking about how wisps should be non-instanciated(?) so every operator can pick them up separately like a regular resource? Or how unairu's passives desperately need a rework because they're currently the worst school for actually tanky warframes?

Wen you build up.over 1k armor what good is another 60 going to do? If that value were at least percentile even if halved it would make a good difference. And how about damage reflection that reflects back damage your armor already reduced? If it would at least return full damage as your armor received it with idk a 50% increase? That would make the school completely viable since most of the other powers already are and I wouldn't have to be looking at what other school to move if I want to properly be a tank, because the armor buff is ridiculously small and the damage reflection is only good at making enemies flinch and slow down their attacks, which is not how the description puts it.

Also, it would probably be a good move to switch places between void spines and the armor buff, because that means that the foundation of being unairu is reflecting damage instead of having extra armor, have you ever tried hunting a criptilex or any animal that fights back with damage reflection? They burst instantly.

We had many better passive buffs from the focus trees we got in the second dream and now by advancing in history those buffs are now completely lost, say I preferred those and wish to have access to them again because I invested in the petrifying ray and now I can't do anything as kickass as petrifying people in their stand with my operator, and I tried.

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