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Risk vs Rewards, Endless missions & a few ideas


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I'm pretty sure this was mentioned a lot but it would be cool to get some better rewards for staying longer in endless missions. Enemies scale but there isn't any notable incentives for staying longer unless you're a masochist. Something simple like slightly increased drop rates on rare stuff or even bonus rewards like how fissure missions currently work but just better incentives can make a difference.

This could be potentially off topic but it would also be cool if there were more ways to make endless missions more engaging (could be a separate game mode.. doesn't matter). Especially in survival. Something like an occasional mini boss that is one tier or more above a nox/bombard similar to how corrupted vor spawns but also spawns at later stages. Maybe increased hazards the longer you stay but of course better rewards. Like heck even incorporating hidden caches every 5/10/etc mins like that flame of Arlo event would be nice just better rewards. Just something or anything that won't make you mindless mow stuff down without putting you to sleep. If not that at least better rewards will do... Lol.

In closing, these are nothing more than just ideas. I honestly don't expect this game to be difficult like dark souls but the risk vs rewards aspect needs some tlc. The only true difficulty in this game is the drop rates lol aka Mr rng himself. Yet again maybe I'm wrong for wanting this but it doesn't matter. Whatever direction the game is heading isn't up to us either way.

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before they were void keys. the more you stay the more the loot you get with ONE key. now you will get nothing out of endless missoins. staying more than 30 min will earn you nothing but just pain ^^.
but i agree. a form of unique challenge and reward for endless would be a very cool thing.

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