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Warframe Glaive Replica! Just Don't Throw It!


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hi guys, 


you might know that i am working on a braton replica, but since i need to get back to my school, it will be a more of a long term project that i will be working on, nonetheless.. i wanted to make something from the warframe franchise more quickly. so without further blabla.. i am working on the glaive! :D


scaling this thing was the hardest thing actually, and i finished sculpting on side today. the material i'm using for this project is plain and simple:


9 mm MDF wood.



and allot of sandpaper from P80 to P400


so anyway picturetime!






















now that i have one side done, i just need to carf out the other side, and then i can smooth it out with some bondo and paint it :D

wel i hope you guys like it so far, so leave a comment belooowww xD 

or if you have any questions at all about this prop or anything in general feel free to ask! i'm glad to help any beginner prop builders out :)


but for now.. Arkyhead out!






this is the end rsult of the glaive *prototype* for the reason this thread might get longer with reactions, the results might be hard to find. so for easy searching for the results i putted them below.


also, i mentioned the word prototype ^ above ^.

the reason for this is that i have another meeting with my friend about building props, and we decided to make a high detailed version of the glaive based of this freehand prototype. on the basis of this glaive, my companion is working on a solidworks model. we can then carf the negatives in a mold so we can get a exact replica of the ingame glaive.










once again, i want to thank you all for being on this ride with me. the support i gained here is/was unbelievable, and that is just the  thing that motivates me! i really enjoyed this short build, and i hope i will be doing more props from the warframe universe. my friend and i might be planning a dakra prime or either a braton prime. but where are not sure yet.

if you have any suggestions. post them! message me them or make a bottle message of it when you don't have the internet by your side! @[DE]Megan that means you guys at DE as well :P


again thank you all!


Arkyhead signing off.

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I like, a lot. I look forward to seeing what you make next. I may be joining the ranks with creating things, starting to work in computer aided designing and/or CAD/CAM, and i have materials and machines at my disposal. (well i would have to buy my materials to keep it XD )

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