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Boltor, reworked


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Thought of having a boltor with alternating chambers for eee,tripple tap, qqq111,123,which could use many ammo types and secondary funcs. Single Barrel boltor is a in game gift, 

My idea is to get a chaingun and archewing version of the bolt weapon, or at least give enemies a chance at these deadly weapons, ammo is spent, casual madmax weapon, 3 barrel 8 barrel 5 barrels 6 barrel could be ghoul parts or mods for the time being, which convert ammo into explosive traps, energy, reload or crouch funcs triggers, detonators, 5 poison types or sounds,

with each reload a burst or way to charge it up, also thoughts of a shotgun version seem reasonable

to make pickups interesting, all the maprici and guts, fish and treasure chest have NEW AMMO with augmenting speed and funcs per game area and tileset that can cause freezing and affect the  melee parazon combo finishers rewards

andrivens could get more types of roll characteristics, and feats

I think there could be a REDsyndicate plugin or roll which offers GREED , VAMPIRE, HEALING, ENERGY FUNCS, SINCE most of the mystery of kuva is lacking lore, and insintrics, to give the boltor what it needs across each node more relay, bounty rewards with temporary or challenging modes for each gun, a reduction or refund

Anyway typing from a phone, so knowing the boltor we have in the game are simple weapons that need other updates or functionality, I stay away from weapons that feel limited, 

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