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Dear Derelict Defense Rng God


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I did not screencap it so don't ask but I seriously just got an uncommon 5 fusion core at wave 25 as a reward when on wave 5 a Rare 5 was presented as the bailout. Along the way mods that are much better than an uncommon 5 made an appearance and yet our group persisted for the sake of mutagen. (I will not go into that, I suspect mutagen will become common on a new level or something later on.) It felt like an enormous middle-finger to the face to see it as the bailout prize.


Do not get me wrong, the run was...easy...I think. 2 Embers and a Nova besides myself (a humble nekros with a galatine decapitating ancients to summon them for the next wave) were just obliterating everything in sight and I had a sea of energy and ammo before my eyes and virtual fingertips. I don't think, however, that justifies the sudden drop in quality of a bailout prize compared to wave 5 waaaaay back in the beginning.


This has been a topic of debate for regular defenses as well in the past, and I feel there needs to be some sort of 'gateway' system where certain prizes cannot be obtained beyond a certain point. I personally feel that an Uncommon 5 fusion core is NOT worth 25 waves in the derelict defense map. Had I been in a differently configured team the going would have been much tougher depending on who else it was.


On a side note, the previous bailout prize had been a T2 Exterminate Key.

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