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A dangerous railjack bug and exploit


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today while playing railjack i tried to slingshot myself but unfortunately the crewship was destroyed by artillery surprisingly.i was stuck in archwing but i also retained all my warframe weps i had tiberon prime and a kitgun and i could freely use them.in fact they are nearly just as strong destroying fighters in seconds.when i entered a base.i still retained the archwing like a launcher on open world modes and only got rid of it after a melee attack.

this can be used to exploit:

1)all normal weapons used outside empyrean to destroy enemies without railjack in seconds.

2)anyone using amesha will be invulnerable in bases besides you should not be able to use archwing in bases.

3)activating the bug isn't hard.


there are also bugs where due to bad ping you cannot fire yourself with slingshot and are stuck with shooting archwing weapons instead.

i suggest DE to test the bug themselves and confirm my experience then take action against it.

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