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Warframe Revised: Deferred Rendering Megathread


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Deferred Rendering Preview 
For the past several months we’ve mentioned that our engine is getting graphical upgrades. The time has come in this Mainline update to give you the option to preview Deferred Rendering! This will make Warframe look the best it’s ever looked - with better shadows, reflections, lighting responsiveness, and more!

Graphics Matter Too - we have team members who thrive on integrating the latest graphics improvements to our technology! 

Please remember to leave your feedback in a constructive and civil manner! Remember, this thread is for FEEDBACK ONLY. If you have a bug, please make sure you submit your bug on this thread and follow the new guidelines!

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Wisp's passive is very awful right now. The particles are quite blinding to play. As for the rest, it looks very good but lost about 30-40fps on a RTX 2070 Super -  1440 resolution, from 144 with vsync on went to 109

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1. The shadows are beautiful.

2. So far the most noticeable thing is that the reflectance of some metallics makes them look really wet.

This is really noticeable on the floor of the main room in my orbiter (it doesn't seem to matter, but the color I have on it is the Grineer palette, left-most column, second from the bottom).

Some of the materials already had this issue with the old rendered, but they also had a sort of dappled surface that helped a bit. The new one just looks flat-out wet.

3. It would be really nice if we could get a pass over the default graphics settings. I defaulted everything to see what it looked like, and wow are the defaults bad. The glare and bloom are still downright unplayable in several parts of the game. The defaults are the first thing new players will see - they ought to be giving the best experience, not the worst.

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I had this in the bug report mega thread, but i think it fits in here a bit better (even if I already saw another post regarding this bug):

  • TYPE: Orbiter, Deferred Rendering
  • DESCRIPTION: Displays in the orbiter are not show, if you are near you can see the coloured frame. Some pictures can only be seen in specific angles, others won´t be shown at all

    deferred rendering:

    old rendering:

  • REPRODUCTION: switched a few times, was always like this in the deferred rendering mode
  • EXPECTED RESULT: expected to see the pictures ^^
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Saw only the displays frames but no content
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: 3/3 times switching forth and back with deferred rendering



And it´s much more likely to have pop up textures in PoE (trees and stones) and Orb Valiis (mushroom trees):

In the old one i only had the thermal fractures fire as pop up texture.

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1 hour ago, Xionema said:

Spent several seconds at 30fps after loading into the orbiter for the first time. Besides that, posters only show when viewed from a certain angle, the rest of the time they look like this:

Same, it killed my operator room door mega poster I I have set up.


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Not entirely sure if it's caused by the deferred rendering, but it certainly affects the quality, so I'll post it here:

The arsenal reflection behaves really shoddily right now, with both Deferred rending on and off. Not sure if it's the same with other reflections, just the first thing I noticed. Especially the inability to look straight at it is rather jarring.

Off: Distance cut-off is rather sharp, and looking straight at the reflection makes it disappear, similar to what happens when looking through Mirage's doppelgänger images.


On: Distance cut-off edges way smoother, but still unable to look straight at it.



Edit: seeing the other poster issue comments, I'll also add my findings regarding that: it's dodgy. Some are unaffected, like the 3 posters near my arsenal which show up normally, but others don't show up unless I get close and angle my camera in a specific manner.


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A couple of visual bugs I found in the deferred renderer.

1) Certain windows have a buggy transparent layer:
bJOQiYY.jpgAlso, that banner over there seems awfully bright. Doesn't seem to match the environment brightness.

Another example of the same layer being glitchy:
0byHMD5.jpgI'm not actually sure if that window is supposed to have that texture?

2) More subtle; on the way into the room in the picture above I noticed an odd interplay with the reflections and a transparent box around the open parts of the door. Observe carefully:


mLVlVvM.jpgIt's very difficult to see; it's much more obvious in motion. Essentially, there's a very hard line visible coming down from the edge of the door where there appears to be a transparent box that the renderer thinks is blocking my view of the reflection on the other side. At least, that's what I assume is happening.


One last comment, and I don't think this is a "bug" per se, but the game seems much more aliased than before; perhaps due to the reflections? Case in point:
Note all the angled geometry, especially at the top and floor of the hallway, that looks almost like it's being rendered in 1920x1080 instead of the correct native 4K resolution. Motion blur is disabled, dynamic resolution is off, film grain is disabled, and everything else should be enabled. Anti-aliasing is set to SMAA as I don't care for the blur artifacts that TAA introduces. The game certainly isn't running like it's in 1080p (this is on an RTX 2080 Super), but it doesn't look like a native 4K presentation.


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It doesn't look great in the current iteration. Some surfaces look very glossy, when they are supposed to be metallic, some look like plastic. It is very visible in dojo rooms, orange leaves now look like a uniform plastic coat because of the way light reflects off them.

Also, operator hair glows.

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