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Mag's Shield Polarization Suggestion


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Hey there, I just had a thought about Mag's Shield polarization and what could possibly make it more useful and effective.


Against an Enemy: using Shield Polarize will diminish a target's shields while restoring Mag's own shields, % of restoration and Shield drain dependent on how far along Mag's Shield Polarize is modded.


Using on a Friendly: Will Diminish the shields on Mag, but restores the shields on the friendly x2 of what's sacrificed. The higher the modification on Shield Polarize, the more it will restore and the less it will drain from your own shields. 


I hope it's a balanced idea, and I hope that it's not too preposterous or game breaking!

Thank you for the consideration


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The thing is, polarize is a rather heavy dps skill against corpus and corrupted. Get enemies in a group with a sheild osprey, and just watch the damage go out. I know this use is very limited, but it's a viable stragety against any enemy type but infested. And polarize works great for mag and for tanky frames like rhino or frost. I've seen amazing damage numbers go of with this tactic, one hiting, or severly damaging mid tier enemies. ( haven't tried it on 100+ enemies yet ) 


Try it out. i personaly ( opinions omg ) think that polarize is good as it is, but if you think polarize needs to be re worked, well, you can. 

 Not a bad concept though, but i doubt they'll change mag in the near future.

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