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The Shrapnel Effect; A Unique Addition to Self Stagger


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I am a happy Equinox Main that uses the Lenz religiously. The Bramma came out, and I immediately was turned away from it because the innacurate arrows coupled with heavy arching and extreme self damage. When I seen the recent devstream that told me that self damage was being REMOVED, I played Crab Rave on my mantacord.

However, I fear that self stagger will not be enough to stop people from shooting a roller from 5 meters away with a Kuva Ogris. There barely is any risk now. But I have a solution that won't severely punish you, but will make you think twice before using an explosive weapon at shotgun ranges. I call it the Shrapnel Effect.

How it works is simple. If you are close to the center of the explosion, you get a temporary rebuff that increases the damage you take for a short amount of time. This effect stacks, increasing the percentage and duration, and caps, stopping at a certain point.

I'm going to use the devstream example that used Excalibur Umbra with an Ogris. If you are on the border of the explosive radius, where Umbra flinched, you wouldn't get affected by the Shrapnel Effect. If you are inside but not in the middle, where Umbra performed a single backflip, you would take +10% damage vulnerability for 7.5 seconds. If you were in the center of the explosion, you would take +20% for 7.5 seconds. The debuff would finally cap at +80% for 30 seconds.

The purpose of this is to punish you, but only in higher stakes situations. You don't deserve to lose a life because someone ran in front of you during an E Prime run for Kurias, but you shoud be reprimanded for shooting a Lenz arrow at a charging level 97 Oxium Osprey that was heading right for you. The extra damage is designed to not effect you in lower missions, but make you think about the situation in higher ones.

In conclusion, I designed the Shrapnel Effect because I don't want people to risk losing a mission for making mistakes. But at the same time, I don't want people to purposefully agree to making stupid decisions and get away with it because the fear of them recieving fatal damage caught Corona Virus.

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