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Self-damage farewell


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As we all loved and enjoyed this moments when inaccurate shot in teammates back make us regret our weapons choice, sometimes it was funny.
As long as there was a rocket launcher in our hands we would bulletjump into awesome death-ragdoll animation, and we will blame something else for it.
As long as there is instant-death on this one zaw arcane, we will accidentally kill ourselves with it, even if we didn't want it.

But now, self-damage changes. SoonTM

To all this tenno that listen, let's have some fun with it. Until we can, choose everything that can kill you and play with fire - pick up your Bramma's, angstrums, glaives and etc. and blow, BLOW EVERYTHINGING YOUR WAKE (until you will blow yourself, of course). Team up, make this last days of self-damage a BLAST for all of us! Love it. Enjoy it. Cuz soon, it will change. I don't know when, i don't know why but, if we will miss this self-damage (i'm looking at you Chroma, yes you, you will miss it) i suggest to all of you - go wild! 

Sincerely yours, profit of grofit.

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