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Mission Rewards Missing (T5 Fissure Survival)


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I just did a 25 minute run on kuva survival.

when i extracted i lost all resources i collected except credits, all rotation rewards, all relic rewards and 20 void traces.


Here you can see that i have the crossing snakes stance and the ice spring mod as a drop under "mod rewards"


back in my orbiter (by looking at "last mission results" in the menu) it only shows:



so just looking at the mods you can see that I only have 3 mod rewards in total (two requiem mods and split chamber).

apart from the missing mods, the 7100 kuva from the first picture also went missing. i only received 2x 1200 kuva (from relic rewards). I checked my kuva supply after this mission and i only had about 3.400 which means that this wasnt just a visual error but that the resources and mods actually went missing.


The first screenshot is not from the end mission screen but from me pressing tab while waiting for extraction.

the resources were also missing on the end mission screen.

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