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Chroma change suggestion


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So there are a lot of chroma changes being post lately , and it's probably because the removal of self damage .

I actually often use Chroma in arbitration for his tankiness and damage , but his 1 and 4 in practically useless , leading to he being a good solo tank and boss killer and nothing else.

This suggestion is to fix to problem . 

The goal of this post is to make him able to fit other roles other than tank , but not in a way that making him a king of all trades , instead making him able to build for other roles.

Right now the only good way to build him is a tank/DPS build with high duration and power strength only , I want to change that . 

The other role I want to give him is a team support build , with some CC power and team buffs , but not possible to work out with his current build .

Now onto the suggestion.


First of all , his 2 and 3 .
These are his trademark ability , and I'm not going to change them.


Now his 1 , Spectral Scream .

  1)make status chance scale with power strength , but lower the damage .

Explanation :


This will make it useful as a CC tool if range is big enough , which is the next change .
  And I don't want Chroma to become next Saryn , so damage will be slightly lowered .

  2)Change Range calculation . lower base range , but scale way larger.

Explanation :


According to wiki , this power have a base range of 10 , and the scaling formula is 10 × (1 + Ability Range)1/3  . Change this formula a bit.
  I'm bad at math , so I can't really figure out the right math . But the goal I want is , without building range or have negative of it , this power's range will be very bad , while the opposite can reach farther than before.

This 2 changes together will encourage a range CC build , while not really effecting current build. 
Really though , who use 1 while playing tank build.


Next up is his 4 , Effigy .

  This power actually have decent CC power even with negative range , but the armor debuff is way to much of a trade of .
  Death is the ultimate penalty , even more when people are playing him as a tank .

  With these being said , I will not make it less painful to use , but give it more reason to be use in another build .

  1)Teammates within the range will be effect by Vex Armor

 Explanation : 


 I know Vex Armor already have a range of buff , and even have a augment for this purpose . But not much people are using it .
  This change will not only make Effigy better , but make a team buff Chroma usable without sacrificing a mod slot .

  2)Damage dealt by Effigy and teammates(Including Chroma) within will now fuel Vex armor's Fury .

 Explanation : 


A support Chroma unlike his tanky counter part , is rather squishy and can't really take too much hit , specially after removing half of his armor .
  This change can also solved the problem of Chroma not being able to shoot himself to trigger Vex Armor after self damage being remove . 

So this is my suggestion on making Chroma more versatile , and not just a one trick dragon.

Many people may think , "But with this suggestion Chroma will be tanky AND supportive at the same time !".
Yes , this is true , but Rhino is already doing the same thing , and no one have problem with it .
And about this may make Rhino being replace , I'll say that's no going to happened .
Chroma can only buff weapon , Rhino's Roar covers all damage type , so it's fine .

So what do you guys think ? I'm curious about your thoughts.
Now excuse me , I'm going to read other posts . Listening to other's thought is always interesting .

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