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Help Regarding Orokin Catalyst



Hello there i wanted to know some things regarding this Orokin catalyst.

i recently bought a vasto (currently lv 10)

and got another vasto blueprint (crafting atm).

I was just wondering if i potato my vasto for the weapon upgrade and merge my modded vasto with the second for duals will i keep the orokin catalyst on the newly updated gun. Also i remember reading this somewhere on the wiki but ill just ask anyway. My other question is if i should wait and max out my first vasto for the mastery points then make them dual. Or just craft them both and master them. If i recall that if you master a gun first and make them dual they wont get mastery points?


Thanks guys.

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1. No you won't keep the catalyst after building Dual Vastos. Keep it for the Dual!


2. You should master the single Vasto first before building the Dual Vastos. They are considered separate guns (like all single secondaries with dual counterparts), which means different mastery points.

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