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Game is unplayable


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Since this weekend Warframe has been basically unplayable. Not sure what is going on exactly but this morning I tried to go from Orbiter to Pluto...10 minutes later I am on Pluto.  I then leave Pluto back to orbiter and another 5 minutes and I am back on orbiter.

Did the Profit-Taker Sunday and for half the battle I can't use melee, can't get my Archgun...so I had to run around shooting things while the squad did the actually boss killing.

Bugframe? It is worse than a few bugs from time to time...it is basically unplayable. Being warped back to the zone in from time to time...can't switch weapons...taking a very very long time to get in and out of missions/planets...

Does anyone have any idea what is happening? I don't see a lot of others saying anything so wondering if it just my crappy ISP or it is Warframe? Everything else (streaming videos, playing other games (WHAT OTHER GAMES! *GASPS*)) all work just fine. No lag...no long loading, etc.

Anyone else having issues?

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Dunno man, i dont have nowadays problems but in the past year after some patch i got the same buggy S#&$, laggy zones fcking laggy teamcomps... etc and i dont have a bad pc, so yeah i played some other games and waited some weeks to fix the S#&$ but in the past month i dont really get that bad just the casual S#&$..like yesteday we wanted to go railjack and we had to load for 20 minutes for like 3 times to get into the same ship with my friend..XDD so dont expect anything better i think its just the calssic bugframe sometimes :S

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