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An alternatave apraich to Kuva Litches


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Right now, in a purely 'they are meant to be nemises we fight over and over' metric Kuva Litches fail completly. The best thing we can do is avoid them as much as possible till we think we are ready for a devisave confrontation, and as the only thing that can finally end them, the best thing they can do is never confront us.

Litches are too passave, too inactave. I'd like to propose what a clanmate called 'Mini sorties' as a remedy to these issues.

In essence, each Litch would begin a Plan, that we can meddle with to gain requems and decrease/limit their power, or in ignoring, allow to come to fruition gain more arour, better resistances, level up or otherwise gain in power.

A simple plan might look like "[your litch] is trying to establish a foothold in an asteroid mine, stop him dead" Step 1, Exterminate to cull their forces>Step 2, Survival to raid his vaults>Step 3, deffend the asteroid mine's controll mainframe from the Litch' Fail to stop them, and they now have a base from which to extend teritory, suceed and you'll have leraned more about their requems and stailmated them. In time say 1 plan each week your litch will either move on to the next phase of their conquest, or regroup to try again.

This could also be a way to reduce requiem grind, giving murmurs andrelics as rewards akin to sortie rewards for foiling plans.


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