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Energy Gating


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Now that we'll finally get shield gating, could we also receive some kind of buff to Quick Thinking/Gladiator Finesse?

As it works now, QT won't do anything when hit with excessive damage to prevent energy loss. This works out pretty well when you have allies nearby. However, if you're solo / last one standing / in Rathuum or Index you won't trigger bleedout and simply die instantly.

What I am proposing, is that whenever you would die without bleedout QT would consume all energy instead (if above say, 50% of maximum) and grant temporary invincibility. For example, duration depending on amount used (say, 1 second for 200 energy spent) multiplied by halved efficiency (both above and below 100). With both Quick Thinking and Gladiator Finesse + Primed Flow on 200 base energy frame:

[850 energy] / [200] * [1 + 2/2] = 8.5 seconds

That's best case scenario. If 100 base energy frame with Primed Flow used rank 0 Gladiator Finesse (10% efficiency):

[425 energy] / [200] * [1 - 0.9/2] = ~1.16 second

The effect could also have a cooldown. For example 30 seconds base multiplied any negative efficiency to prevent people just slotting in r0 Finesse for 4 mod cost.

[30 seconds] / [1 - 0.9] = 300 seconds // worst case
[30 seconds] / [1 - 0.4] = 50 seconds // Gladiator Finesse rank 5

Of course all numbers I'm listing here are just an example. The idea is that it'd prevent cheap oneshots at full health + energy from high level enemies, not serve as all-frame Defy. It could be even slightly expanded, with energy lost in last half a second also counted, or health also being factored in.

Anyway, what do you think of it?

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Personally, and this is just me, I'm not such a huge fan of an energy gate kind of thing. Really the only problem with me and quick thinking is the ridiculous stagger when you take multiple hits at low health, it kinda drains the energy all the way anyway if one is not paying attention or having a difficult time getting out of the way. Taking all of your energy or a bigger majority of it would leave me, and again this is just me, trying like hell to get my DR abilities going again before quick thinking kicks in again only to fail because I don't have energy.  QT works weird anyway, not always blocking the damage that does us in. I do think it should be looked at though.

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