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Problems with host migration in Fissure Defense


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whenever i attempt to play some fissure defense missions, i had always leaving whenever the host attempts to leave, since this "ancient retribution" bug wasn't fixed until now since fissure's update that brought the possibility to open one relic per rotation in endless missions

and today, was no different... or supposely shouldn't be, until that host did clicked to leave at last second, then host migration happened, didn't loaded the relic's windows to pick one relic and did got stuck in place, just like many tests i did in the past...

apparently, i did got the Aklex prime blueprint (silver drop) from another player and the void traces, but still not funny to be locked in that state, plus the fact that i can't play with the remaining players, even if they try another host migration or being the last one there


when DE will fix that bug?

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