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Steam Wallet Payment For Founders Pack.


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Yes you can do it in-game.


Go to Market -- Get Platinum. It will open the Steam Overlay to the platinum page, already logged-in your Warframe account. From there, click on "become a founder" and follow the same thing as on your web browser. It will finally bring you to the Steam shop.

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I'd say just do it ingame. I've done it that way.



when you slelect how much plat you want to buy in the corner there should be the "become a founder" button. click on that and it should take you to the founders page. once you select the level you want to be it should go to a steam page for you to 'add funds' to your steam wallet. then just follow the prompts


EDIT; Casardis you ninja'd me =P

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It takes me straight to browser. anyone can post screenshots?

its supposed to take you to a browser, that should show a list for how much you want to spend:





and the accociated plat with the price. on the RIGHT side of the page there should be a button looking thing that says 'become a founder'


click on that, then it will take you to another page with the different founder levels. click on the price of the one you want. then it will go to another page which should be back to steam asking you to add funds to your steam wallet.



hope that helps

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UltimatePay. Only accepting The 4 major Credit/ Debit cards, PayPal, and some other 5 crap options which nether are steam.

thats okay because you need to say HOW you are paying for it.


personally I use paypal. I feel its the safest option. but might be awkward if you dont have an account with them.



once you do what is needed it should link you back to either steam or the forums.



remember that your forum email and password IS your Warframe account. next time you log into Warframe (ingame) you will have the goodies that comes with whatever you bought.

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