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Kuva Larva Offers same weapon 2-3x


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I've been spamming Cassini today trying to grab my last weapon and I notice some very non-RNG behavior that may have caused me to run 40+ missions when it may have otherwise taken 15 or so.

The problem is, when a Larva is downed, it offers the same weapon for 2-3 missions in a row, 3 times if the missions are completed fast enough. It's as if once a larva is spawned, the weapon is provides is the only weapon possible to provide within the next... 8 minutes or so? More than 5, less than 10. I was annoyed after the first 3 being a Seer, frustrated with the next 2 being a Karak, suspicious when the next 2 were Bramas, confident when the next 3 were Hinds. it just kept happening. Two Tonkors in a row, 3 Stubbas in a row and so on.

The statistical changes of that happening in a true RNG environment are far beyond mega lottery chances so I know for a fact it is not purely RNG. A workaround I found is to wait a few minutes or do a different activity between tries. This almost always yields a different weapon from the last.

I have not tested this with any other node, but I suspect anything other than capture may not replicate the behavior because it seems time dependent.

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