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clips and crashes


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Recently warframe has started crashing in the middle of missions. I'll usually be able to get 20-30 minutes of play time before it goes black and tells me an unexpected or unknown error has occurred. I've double checked that my system and the game are up to date and I have plenty of extra space. I can't think of why this keeps happening.

I've also had issues with myself or enemies clipping through the map. I have a picture that shows a kuva thrall I couldn't reach due to it clipping under the stairs in the gas city defense. I was eventually able to force myself up to reach it but it took about 15 minutes. Today I was doing an eidolon hunt and mounted my k-drive when trying to enter my archwing. When I jumped off I was just standing in the air so I launched my archwing, flew to my team, jumped off and fell straight through the map. I try both the unstuck command and flying back to the surface in archwing but still wasn't able to interact with the ground. And just kept falling forever. Normally I take pictures when the game glitches but I didn't want my team to have to wait for me. So I just aborted.

pics of the clipped thrall


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