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Platinum display clarification


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So, in my time playing Warframe, I've bought plat and I've won plat.

Most recently, I won Ivara Prime Access (amazing!) ... but when I went to go gift something to a friend, apparently, the plat I got along with that prize is untradable. Now, I'm not campaigning to get won plat made tradable (which I'm not exactly sure why it's not...)... but it would be nice to see the 2 types of plat separated in the UI display.

This can't be too difficult of a request, since the game certainly knows how much plat is tradable and how much isn't.

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First, congratulations on winning Ivara Prime Access! Secondly, I completely agree with showing two different platinum values depending on tradable and untradable. I assume when buying things from the store it uses untradable first, but if it doesn't I'd change that so that it did.

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