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Suggestion: seperate region and game language, and make linked items translate automatically


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I'm making this suggestion because I am at least somewhat active in the German region chat but I also like using the program WFInfo for quick price comparisons upon selecting relic rewards. As far as I'm aware, this program only supports English (correct me if I'm wrong), which means I have to set my game to English, which means I can't participate in the German region/recruiting/trade chat. My "region" in the settings is set to Europe, why not let you select your chat region via that option instead? It would allow you to chat in your regional chat while also being able to have your game in English - for things like WFInfo and for the sake of not having to use a translator to find out what a mod is called in English, it gets quite frustrating when you want to discuss builds with international friends.

A possible issue one could see in that is things like trade chat being flodded with items in different languages, and as you might know, linked items don't translate, they simply become unclickable in other languages unless it's 100% the same name. My solution is to make item links in chat bound to Item ID and not to the name, which also makes communication within an international clan or, again, with international friends easier. This suggestion would be a great addition even without the previous one, at least in my opinion.

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