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valence fusion




i have 2 kuva nukors with different damage types

one has toxin and other one has magnet .

i want to keep and upgrade kuva nukor with TOXIN but im confused what to do?

should i click "valence fusion" on TOXIN one and choose kuva nukor with MAGNET to consume?

or i should click "valence fusion" on MAGNET one and choose kuva nukor with TOXIN one to consume?


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right this is so misleading.

when you use valance fusion you sacrifice a weapon to ADD its element to the chosen donor weapon.

there are three steps.

1) equip the weapon you have upgraded with forma
2) go to upgrade select fusion, then select the weapon you wish to DESTROY
3) the destroyed weapon has now added its element to your original (equipped) weapon, giving an average of 4-6% increase to the highest element % used no matter which one had the highest %
if you add the upgraded weapon to the non upgraded then you lose all the forma and what not.

now if you have already upgraded with forma and wish for a different elemnt than what you have simply farm lichlings until you get the chosen weapon with a frame that gives the element you wish to use and use that as your last upgrade. simple.

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