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2020’s First Mainline: Review, Revise, Refresh: Part 2!

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Am ‎04‎.‎03‎.‎2020 um 15:38 schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Arcanes will require 21 Arcanes to reach the new Max Rank of 5. Scarlet Spear will feature a buy-what-you-want shop for Arcanes based on the currency earned in the event. It will launch in March shortly after the Mainline. 

More important is whats happening after those strange forced RJ event for aquiring arcanes? Will you still relying on the crappy PoE timegating nonsense with Day/Night Cycle? If so I wont even bothering to dust off my Ship.

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Warframe Revised: Update 27.2.0 is officially live on PC - and so are the following feedback megathreads! Please take the time to review our Update Notes to familiarize yourself with the changes - big and small - before sharing your feedback: 

Please use your powerful feedback responsibly - we all lift together.

Bug Report Megathread! (Read the First Post!): https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1171888-warframe-revised-bug-report-megathread-read-the-first-post/

*This is a more format-driven Bug Report thread to help turnaround quality hotfixes for this Mainline - please follow the requested format provided in the first post!*

General Megathreads: 

Warframe and Weapon Megathreads: 

Art / UI Megathreads:

Mission Megathreads: 

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