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Warframe Gear Idea: Ballistic Exoskeleton Arms (throw your enemy!)


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Increases your upper body strength to allow you to perform impressive throwing feats. Yeet or be yeeted, Tenno.


This idea came when my friends and I were talking. I mentioned a mental image of Rhino throwing an angrily hissing Valkyr at the enemy, and a friend commented that it would be awesome to be able to throw your allies. I figured, why not? That would be a cool feature!
I originally tried to fashion this into a frame idea (even figured out names like Trebuchet and Capertoss), but then it occurred to me: "Why should just one Warframe be able to throw things?" But how to insert throwing into the games, as there are only so many controls?
Enter Ballistic Exoskeleton Arms. They are gear items that can be worn akin to fishing gear, and it rekeys the number keys for throwing things. Watch me. (Names are not entirely serious here.)
1. Throwing Mode: Yeet!. A multipurpose throwing mode (enemies and items). Activate this mode by pressing 1.

a) Press the melee button to grab the targeted enemy. Aim and press the firing button to throw the said enemy to your direction of choosing. Tapping melee button again releases the target without throwing them. The thrown enemy causes and suffers from Impact damage and topple down, and the amount of damage depends on several factors (the mass of the enemy, velocity when the enemy hits the target, type of surface...). Bosses, capture targets, and very big targets are immune to this ability. The enemy frees themselves from your grib if you hold them for too long.

b) Alternatively, you can grab an explosive barrel and propel it at your desired direction. The barrel explodes on impact.
c) Alternatively, you can throw other items (power cells, data masses etc.) to transport them faster to desired locations. If an item falls off the map, they teleport back to their original position.
2. Throwing Mode: Fast Ball Special. A more controlled mode for throwing allies. Activate this mode by pressing 2.
By pressing melee button, you kneel down and offer another player to use you as a stationary catapult. The other player presses action button to balance onto your palm (in proper ninja style). Once balancing, pressing action button again makes then leave from your palm. You can then aim and fire to propel your ally into your targeted direction (or the ally can trigger the throw by themselves if they are faster). Press melee button again to leave the catapult position. Because your ally lands in controlled manner, they don't suffer from or cause damage or status effects upon hitting the ground (unless they have Heavy Landing).
You can also use this skill to propel AI-controlled allies, with the difference that the targeted AI-controlled ally automatically hops onto your palm and allows themselves to be thrown (this could be in the 1. ability, though, but I figured it would be more logical to group this with player allies, after all this time the Warframe throws the ally in more controlled manner).
Applications of Ballistic Exoskeleton Arms could include:
- Handy (ba-dum-tssh) way to get projectiles from nearest source - your enemies.
- Throwing explosive barrels at enemies
- Throwing the hostage further away from enemies
- Maps specialized for this gear, such as puzzles in which you need to throw your allies to unlock progress (throw an ally up, the ally drops a ladder for you). It could be that one can throw an ally further away than one can bullet jump.
- C'mon, how cool is throwing stuff?
Oh, and a bonus image fitting for the situation:



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On 2020-03-04 at 12:17 PM, Conquest375 said:

I'm a bit off topic. But considering how we are progressing I'm warframe, theres many many ways for a warframe to feel fast, there is not many ways a warframe can feel as strong, outside of being fat.

Actually it depends. Here are some ways to make a warframe feel strong

- Enemies are dizzy when hit, and are ragdolled to outter space when hit and killed

- The Warframe forms a huge object that cant be moved by enemies but can effortlessly be picked up and destroyed by the warframe

- Increased melee damage and attack speed

- Hitting objects so hard that it causes nearby enemies to be knocked off their feet

- Hugeeee leaps

- Near impossible to be staggered, knockeddown, pushed, or slowed. Breaks out of objects that immobilize normal warframes

- Charging through and trampling a bunch of enemies as if you ran through a paper wall. Some get thrown in thed air while others are crushed, all will be knocked down for 10 seconds trying to regain consciousness

- Hulks clap

- Running into things makes loud noises and leaves cracks in it

- Vehicles that run into you are halted


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