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Story progressing quests

(XBOX)Mr Sardini

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So I have been playing Warframe almost daily for about 4 years now, and I've been kind of curious about missing story elements and seemingly inconsistent content, specifically Alad V, who arguably is at the forefront of antagonists. Now there is a chance I simply missed some of the story elements, but if I did, I would blame them not being presented clearly. Having some questions about Alad's mutalist form, I decided to check the wiki and there is apparently a ton of lore from long forgotten and since archived "operations". I am wondering if there is any plans or even possibility of having some of those missions brought back as legitimate quests for at least the new players starting the game from the beginning, but also for players who've been here a while and still missed so much. I'm sure if I went through all the bosses on the wiki, I'll find a similar thing going on. I think this game could benefit from bosses having similar mandatory quest progression like the progressing main line story of the operators. Having the bosses hidden behind quest walls filled packed with story could do a lot for keeping new players engaged, rather than making it feel like a giant grind to unlock all the nodes and unlock the next planet. 

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Not only the startmap story is all switched up (for example when you see Alad in jupiter, he has scars for what happened to him in Eris...) but a lot of lore is lost, not only in "operations", but for example I found out a couple websites DE setup in the past that had lore, are gone.


I asked on the forum for timelines or help figuring out the lore, but noone replied to my thread properly.



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