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Use this website to sell or buy Liches.


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I have one suggestion regarding your website.

If it won't be a much of a problem, I'd like to add an option to list lich's quirks, names and maybe a picture. As of now, I am looking for good liches to convert for myself, and these kinds of information would make the process much easier. I'm aware that most of buyers are interested in weapons and ephemeras but you've already got that covered. There's (probably) not that much people who want to do the same thing as I do, so those additions could be completely optional (so there wouldn't be no forcing to write a weird lich name, when a potential seller doesn't want to).

I don't really know much about website design but I've got a feeling that hosting pictures may be problematic. If it's the case, maybe you could just add some option to put a link to imgur or something like that. If not, then just quirks and names would be very nice too.

Have a good day.

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