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My take on the new Status changes


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Status Proc Rework

My idea for a new Status Effects system follows the red crit trend and goes beyond. Not only accumulating status has a stacking amount of effect, but accumulating a lot of status can trigger what I’m calling a Super Status Proc (lame name, I know, but it’s just a placeholder). These are new and powerful effects that can only occur on non-boss enemies.


Before we begin, here is a small vocabulary explanation:

Damage Type: Self explanatory. The type of damage that is applying the proc.

Effect: What will happen to the target affected by the proc.

1st Proc: The magnitude of the proc effect when there is only one stack.

Extra Procs: How much the initial magnitude grows with each stack of the proc. This growth rate is always additive per stack.

Proc Duration: How many seconds each stack of the proc will last. Each stack has an individual timer.

Critical Mass: The maximum magnitude of the effect. Reaching Critical Mass activates a secondary, more powerful effect.

Super Proc: A secondary effect that happens when the regular effect reaches Critical Mass.


The proc effects are the same on tenno, bosses and regular enemies, but there are some key differences on how they work:

  • Effects on tenno and bosses can’t stack. They only ever get the 1st Proc magnitude of the effects and they will never be affected by Super Procs.

  • Effects on tenno and bosses have a maximum duration of 5 seconds.

  • Tenno are not forced to hit allies during Void Damage Procs, but they do deal friendly fire (I’m not even sure tenno can be affect by Void Procs, but anyway).

  • The listed values are for weapon procs only. Special abilities that proc status may have custom duration, damage, etc.

Take all values with a grain of salt. I can’t test balance and honestly didn’t give that much thought into them. The effects are what’s important. Here is the full list of procs:


Table of the suggested new status effects.

Some of my decisions were based on the lore (like Void status turning enemies savage) and other on game balance. Since regular enemies usually die so quickly, I don't think it's an issue giving lots of status effects permanent duration. Even though the effect is permanent, the enemy won't live for more than a few seconds.

For clarification, the movement based damage on the Slash Procs counts ANY movement done by the unit, even if involuntary. So if you Slash Proc an enemy and push him away with an ability, it will take A LOT of damage from being tossed around. Only teleportation doesn't count, because the unit isn't really moving its body.

Some effects got radically changed and this can affect Warframe abilities. Oberon lost his ability to make enemies fight each other. Honestly, I think this is for the best. I never saw much sense in the fairy king, who is supposed to be a benevolent protector, turning his enemies into bloodthirsty friend murderers. The new effect enforces peace and protects Oberon's allies, which fits his theme way more. For Loki's augment, I suggest changing its status effect from Radiation to Void. Making enemies fight each other totally fits Loki's theme.

This is it. I hope you think these ideas would be fun if implemented. I do. Thanks for reading this 🙂

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12 hours ago, Catacomb said:

bruh you know the update is tomorrow right?

Yea but its not like the changes will be like that forever. DE is always subject to change what theyve done, even after something just got released. Ask kuva liches that are still recieving changes

12 hours ago, Ranzinzo said:

Take all values with a grain of salt. I can’t test balance and honestly didn’t give that much thought into them. The effects are what’s important. Here is the full list of procs:


I actually think i like most of these changes more than the current ones being made except

- Toxic Super proc

- Gas Effect

- Radiation Super proc

- Blast

- Heat and Cold duration

Toxic Super proc should have a health threshold i think, thats not more powerful than Garudas 1st ability

Gas effect i feel should be a cloud that increases in radius, maybe up to a 5m radius. Hitting enimes within the gas clouds Maximum Possible radius adds to the current one

Radiation i dont believe could ever be capable of creating an infested enemy so id just make it should just cause the weakness effect to radiate from the enemy for a short duration like your change to viral super proc.

Blast i think should just have a stagger and aoe effect, then a knockdown on headshots, then a ragdoll after a knockdown with explosive weapons only. Duration can be knockdown recovery delay and the Super Proc could be spreading the status effects on enemy to others since explosive weapons proves explosion can cause status effects to effect more than one enemy

Heat & Cold i think should have a decaying effect. Like instead of getting enough stacks for 60% slow and having it completely disappear after 5 seconds, it should just be reduced to 40% slow after 5 seconds, then 20% for 5 seconds, then it completely goes away. Like theyre thawing out.

Other than that, this is pretty nice imo

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