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Shield gates is nerf to "on health damage" stuff


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I am far from owning an arcane energize... and I don't have a certain focus school either.

So all my energy regen comes from the mods that regen energy when you take health damage.

Also Chroma Vex Armor depends on health damage...


And other abilities and whatnot, same thing.


I deliberaly avoid shield-increasing mods on my warframes so the health damage can fuel abilities, so shield gates are a nerf for all that. Dunno how to fix it in the design.

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1 hour ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

What are you doing using the mod on frames that aren’t Inaros, Nidus, or Grendel?

I use Hunter Adrenaline on every frame I can fit it into. The synergy with Quick Thinking on squishier frames should be obvious enough, but it also means having energy, you know, on taking damage, which means if I'm out of energy for whatever reason and start dying, I don't keep dying. 

And you either forgot Wisp and Oberon or haven't noticed this one, but regen tanking is exactly the same proposition as Inaros's huge exposed health pool with only moderate armor, which is to say, by way of having the same benefits but being good frames, they make better use of it than he does.

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