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11 minutes ago, NoobGaming2025 said:

What is the best full auto weapons for beginners? help pls.

Depends, what's your Mastery Rank right now?

E.g. Karak (MR1) and Boltor (MR2) are neat enough upgrades to Braton early on,
if you're a bit further along you could try Kohm (MR5, woo crowd shreddin')
or, say, Quanta (MR4) if you want something quite different (lol lazor / cube gun combo).

And don't neglect Secondaries either, they can often compete with if not surpass Primary pwnage.
Furis (MR2) with the Winds Of Purity Augment is a neat slice of immortality right there,
Hikou (MR2) could be fun especially if you're lucky enough to get Concealed Explosives to drop,
Atomos (MR5) is a right beastly weapon (chaining plasma beam cannon, yes please).

Mind, the real power will come from Mods, so always try to work on and expand your selection of those,
and not least, look up guides and whatnot on how to mod properly (Auto Install is only gonna get you so far, heh).

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