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Join and migration issues


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Not sure how to intro this one, so laying out the issues here:

JOIN-RELATED CAMERA SWIVEL: Your camera instantly points in a random direction. During public a few years ago, this was your first/only warning that you were going to have company; you now have a message with a chance for this to still happen during a mission, but it will occur when walking through a relay's airlock.

ACTIVE MIGRATION: Durung migration, you might get kicked to orbit and have to load back in. During the load-in, there may be a chance that the mission will progress like you're there -- except you're still loading in, but able to hear everything happening. If that happens, you'll be lucky to have a salvageable mission to return to, and hopefully your allies are still alive.

In reverse order of priority, those should probably be looked at. The camera swivel is annoying but not exactly crippling; the active migration, tho...not cool if the game acts like you're there when you're not and you end up failing.


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