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Venka Prime and Combo Counter


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Venka Prime, prior to Melee 3.0, had a higher combo multiplier than other weapons (it started at x1.75 instead of x1.5, and it scaled faster, going up by another 0.75 rather than 0.5 at each tier; effectively, the bonus gained from combo counter was 50% greater with Venka Prime). With Melee 3.0 and the functional change of the combo multiplier, they changed Venka Prime so it caps out at x13 rather than x12, so it still has that unique "combo perk", though it's only 8.3% better at max ranks, rather than 50% better at all tiers.


That x13 multiplier doesn't really do what players *typically* want it to do: make Blood Rush (and Gladiator set) better. Those mods still cap out at the x11 bonus (they use 60% * [Combo Multiplier - 1] for their bonus). Now, maybe not allowing those bonuses to go past x11 is just an oversight on DE's part. Maybe they thought it would be OP to let BR and Gladiator go to x12. Or maybe there's spaghetti code in the way. But, either way, this feels bad as that x13 is really pointless outside of a hybrid BR-Heavy build, and even then it only represents a 8.3% increase in damage on a heavy attack. 


If we can't have Venka Prime's increased combo counter be meaningful, maybe we the perk on it could go the other way: give Venka Prime an innate +50% combo counter chance? This number is a throwback to the original "50% more potent combo counter" it used to have, without vastly increasing the effectiveness of Blood Rush et al. It's still only mildly better on straight Blood Rush builds, as it'll only get you to max combo counter faster (a feat that already happens pretty quickly), still useless on heavy attack builds, but is much better, imo, for hybrid builds, as you will be able to recoup spent combo counter that much quicker. 


Theorycraft: If, instead, Venka Prime's combo counter was just 50% higher at all stages than normal, we'd get, without rounding: x3 - x4.5 - x6 - x7.5 - x9 - x10.5 - x12 - x13.5 - x15 - x16.5 - x18. And then, if it used that to fullest effect, BR et al would be x17 at max ranks, which would be a +1080% to crit chance. Heavy Attack builds with just Corrupt Charge are already 50% stronger, too (x3, instead of x2). And, of course, Hybrid builds really make out like bandits here. I can see why DE would want to avoid this route, as Venka Prime would be the only melee weapon, most likely.

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