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[PS4] Recruiting new members!


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Ater Gladius is a Ghost clan that is currently recruiting! We’ve been around for quite a while and do our best to push ourselves to the best capabilities. The clan is a pretty relaxed group of friends who have been playing together for years! However, please know we love meeting new people. Some of us are a bit rough around the edges but I promise genuinely good people. We will provide you the means to find the answers to questions you ask, help you understand more of the game if it’s needed, but never give you anything up front.

Mostly, we are looking for active and mature Tenno who are already well established into the game. There are a few slots that are available for those who do not meet our requirements, but not many. Before any recruit can be sent an invite, they must meet our requirements and pass a vote amongst the senior members. I understand that sounds a bit extreme, but we pride ourselves on our ability to be top level and to drive us to be the best. 


800-1000 hrs playtime 

Arbitrations ( desired but not mandatory)

Mic + willingness to talk in a party (mandatory) 

that’s it. Pretty simple, 

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