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Warframe Revised: Update 27.2.0

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rip cp


and what about this stuff?

 Can you please remove the Ghoul Bounty Message permanently, especially for those who have all fragments?



Make archwings instantly lose their inertia if you press the backwards key ("s") and it would have been such a good system....
Now it feling really clunky.
And Itzal crab ist a joke-ripoff.ability, can we please have something usefull? In RJ missions the range is way to short and in PoE or Orb Vallis it´s unnecessary, too.



The relic upgrade segment has a to big gab between the wall and itself:



We need a favourite system for weapons/warframes and maybe arcanes:

Is it intentional that only feminine operators have dreads attached to their emissary suit? Maybe make into an auxiliary slot:
While you are fixing the operator appearance in the profil can you add the possibility to swap the configs, too?


We need an option to sort out vaulted and not vaulted relics. There are so many that it´s getting difficult to select the one I want during the select screen (I like running unvaulted relics public and vaulted ones with friend/clan members). Same goes for the relays ducat stations, I don´t want to turn in vaulted stuff and I´m always struggling to remember which one are aviable and which ones are not:

Waypoints are all over the place but rarely on the doors, the whole waypoint system needs a rework... as soon as you play something faster like Wukong, Volt, Nova etc. the waypoint are often to slow or messed up completely and now it´s even happening to "normal/slower" frames:

Nightwaves Ascendant Mission doesn´t count as client:

And after another arbitration change i wonder: How far away is the ESO reward system rework?
They were introduced as rewards for "specific challenges", but except for the bleeding body and the new one, they all ended up in a pure RNG hell.
I´ve run far more than 100 eso runs and got no blazing step ephemera and someone I know got it from his 3rd run, feeling so bad for his luck he even offered eso runs to me...
And some have an even more unlucky rng:

Eidolon spawns are still buggy despite being ~2years old:

With the new U26 many rooms are now suffering from a harsh lighting transition, especially if they have small differences in the colours/tones that are used on that tile:

Since U26 the energy bar is missing the blue background, thus making it really hard to notice your current energy:

On multiple different amps the scaffold is clipping through the palm of your operators:

Are we ever getting the operator only spy?
It was teased back then when we got the feedback changes for Nightwave:Series 2, but as far as I remember we never got the mission:

Can we have the old indoor Index map back to the rotation? The new one is to dark and has to many obstacles which lead to getting oneshot by enemies you don´t even see:


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Thanks for the update, but I have a question. Next round of Tennogen when? I’d love nothing more than to abuse a 100+% status chance Reactive Storm Baruuk in that snazzy Bedouin skin.


Also, with the new shield-gating and slash/toxin functions, I can’t wait for the inevitable Enemy Augmented Shields Sortie 3

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Wanted to add another thought
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vor 14 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:

Arcane Energize:
On Rank 5: On Energy Pickup
60% chance to replenish Energy to nearby Allies
Added duration and Cooldown added (cannot re-trigger while active).

  • Arcane Energize will still give Energy to toggled Warframe Abilities - this has been asked a lot. 

So still hiding information, Huh? How about some transparency here?

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13 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Decreased the chances of Kuva Lich controlled sectors forcing an Exterminate situation to allow for more gamemode chances. 

Dear God no!

This is a bad change! Exterminate missions should remain as is, because they last long enough to make sure all thralls spawn. Hell, Lich Missions should only be exterminates, interceptions, disruptions, defenses and similar long lasting missions.

During a rescue mission, for example, you could easily just slap through it with speed, thus FORCING the player to just sit about and wait for thralls to keep spawning IF they spawn. But oh gee! WHAT IF THE THRALL IS RANK 5? THAT'LL BE LEVEL 100 ENEMIES IN A RESCUE MISSION, MEANING THAT THE RESCUE TARGET IS GOING TO BE BUSY BEING A FLOOR CLEANER RATHER THAN RUNNING

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Corrosive is nerfed so hard that it's only good against ferrite armor enemies.

Viral is buffed to make slash even better

Gas is nerfed so that it deals less damage to enemies with less armor.
My gas weapons dealt more damage to level 165 corrupted heavy gunners and corrupted bombards before the update even though these enemies before the update had more armor and enemies now have less armor. So gas deals less damage even though armor is lower.

So corrosive is nerfed. Gas is dead. Viral slash the only way to go now I guess.

Corrosive needs a higher cap for armor strip, gas needs to be reverted, viral should be nerfed.

edit: also gas doesn't scale off toxin mods anymore so I guess they're just a worse slash that goes through the more worthless shields and not through the more useful armor. but as a bonus slash or HM can use viral along side it! while gas requires the toxin element so you cant make viral! so basically slash does more damage in every scenario even to the enemies gas is supposed to be good at.

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You've brought so many things, some of which we asked for and some not. But you didn't rework companion stasis which is on the top 10 list of things that we all need? Especially after you teased it half a year ago?

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