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Warframe Revised: Update 27.2.0

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4 hours ago, SouEuOSam said:

I'm one of the players who used the arca titron's passive and now it's unusable since it's virtually impossible to stack it until 10 just because the stances have combos with heavy attacks and every time I use any combo I waste charges. Now it's uneffective to use this melee with the Slam Capacitor passive. It was way better before when the combos didn't waste all the stacks. The "bug" wasn't OP, it was a fun way to play the melee.

It's also bugged right now and doesn't charge at all unless you are the host/single player. I agree though that the combos consuming the charges so often is really annoying. It's fine for a few of them with the more explosive slam animations, but I think it shouldn't consume on the ones where it just happens to hit the ground. You can get around it by swapping between combos on the fly, but that can be weird.

It was a pretty huge nerf for them to fix the few combos getting the slam capacitor boost without burning the charges. I think now that they have fixed them, they should make slam attacks that don't use charges grant them instead of just doing nothing. I think even granting charges for slam attacks that use up the current charges would not be as powerful as when you could continually use the boost with certain combos, it could be a lot of fun too.

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A suggestion for future QoL tweaks: some kind of visual/audio pop in Void Fissure missions when everyone on the team has cracked their relics? Tends to be a little more relevant on Excavation mode when you have to be careful not to force the end of a round. Extremely minor as we can already just look at the number in the top right, but it crossed my mind reviewing this patch.

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I don't get it..... Blast doesn't knock people down... Impact does... But why

Being hit by a blunt object, especially to your head might disorient you. Cause concussive dmg... Etc... But I never really coupled being hit by a blunt object with being knocked down 💯 of the time. Like does being slapped in the face instantly know you down? If it does, you're weak.

Like wise, if you are being blasted/exploded by something are more than likely going to be going off in a direction just from the sheer force. Wouldn't knock down/knock back make Morse sense for an explosion rather than being hit with a stick?

I'm just confused how things like this goes through a team of people and no one ever questions the logic... Like DE literally posted blast doesn't knock down anymore but impact does....


I'm just here to let them know that's so #*!%ing stupid. The fact that you guys wasted time coding this change that doesn't even makes sense is stupid too. Like I used to think programmers had to be smart, but DE is proving me wrong. Were they asleep in logic class? Cause a lot of things with them just don't make sense!?

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Great update DE,

i really like your work. Almost everything in this update is good. But i think its very unbalanced at the moment. The statuseffects are pretty cool but in my opinion magnetism, gas, explosive and puncture effects are usless. Because the enemies are already dead. The enemies are to weak. We need more challenges for high level gamers. Here are some following ideas i would like to change.


The puncture effect is good but useless, because we cannot perceive it. On single target it is more usless. Its could be usefull if there are some buffs from frames or AOE weapons which can proc this on each enemy in range. (Maybe like gas effect? An Puncture AOE. Or you can change it with gas effect.)

Some Possibilities:

-Change of gas and puncture effects ( Not to strong but more usefull)

           Gas as Aoe with dmg reduction on Tennos/Warframes (like now) and Puncture as Dot (No ignoring effects some weaker as slash effect)

-Puncture as Aoe with dmg reduction on Tennos/Warframes (like now)


Toxin and magnetism:

I think the combination of toxin and magnetism is lost. For example: Anti Moa at lvl 170 died at toxineffects before i could take enough damage on his shields. Why should i take magnetism, i can kill the enemies fast like modified viral or another Dmgtypes? It make only sense if the enemies gets a lot of more health and shields. To see the "more" dmg through the viral/magneticeffects is much more fun.

From the other side its useless to modifier toxin and magnetism, because we can not profit from the toxineffects. The Magnetism dmg kills the enemy before toxin can proc. I really often want to kill the enemies only through toxin dots. The solution comes now.

Prefered Future / Possibilities:

Maybe its time to change the combination of the elements. For example i always want to use cold and toxin damage in my weapons to freeze(slow) and toxin(dot) the enemies. Not possible because the combitation to viraldmg. I think this kind should be possible in each weapon for an universal build concept. So we can decide how we can kill the enemies. 


-Change the possibility of combo elements so its possible to decide

-Change the statuseffects of impact, puncture, explosive, gas

- Corpus needs some more Shieldhitpoints to give magnetsim/toxin more sense (Adaption of the new scaling?)

-All enemies needs some more health hitpoints (double it?) (Adaption of the new scaling?)


The modding and building better builds is for me and a lot of other people the most important thing in Warframe. Like now its not more important, because the new meta is viral/ fire kombo. Its easily to kill lvl 170 enemies each kind of fraction with fire/viral combo.


The rest is pretty good <3


Kind regards


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